Branches and Probabilities

Prompt: Abnormal vision into the future

Andy Miles 6th February 2023

When you make your living as a fortune teller there are three skills you need:

1. The ability to cold read someone

2. The ability to build a rapport with someone quickly

3. A flair for the theatrical

Also, the ability to see the future helps.

Most of my business is through touring shows in the towns and villages around  East Anglia. A few private bookings after one of these shows is a good bonus to the money from the show itself.

It is an unwritten ‘code’ of fortune tellers these days not to tell someone a bad fortune, you always spin it to make the future positive. This makes us a bit like politicians, however, unlike them, we can see what is to come. To be more accurate we can see all possible things to come and the probabilities of each. The closer to now you look the fewer outcomes and higher probabilities each one has.

This is the way it has always been since the Gods created the Seven Seers and the Seers bred with humans. All true psychics are descended from these original couplings. Unlike pure homo sapiens the ‘videns sapiens’  (seer men, which is a bad translation as only women carry the genetic makeup for seeing) protected the bloodline somewhat and so did not spread like the roots of a tree over the millennia. Most of us can trace a pretty straight line back to the original Seven and there are fewer than a thousand of us alive in the twenty-first century.

I digress, in the last few months, something has changed. It was subtle at first. I notice the highest probabilities possible futures were climbing, slowly.  A few weeks in the reason was clear, no need for a crystal ball or tarot cards for this. The number of possibilities was falling. Most people that I see privately do not have that many futures, their lives are on a fairly straight track. So, when Abigail Frost, 27, or Harry Wheeler, 32 come to ask something it is normally a choice between five or six possibilities, and one or two of them will be a high probability. When these tracks shrink to four or five, and then three, and this is happening to everyone you see you get concerned.

I had to cancel live shows (I know the joke, psychic cancels show due to unforeseen circumstances), as I always like to smatter a bit of true seeing in with the theatrical, flashy stuff. Normally Seers do not contact each other, we have no need, but I reached out (using the internet and the phone, we are not telepathic, well, most of us aren’t). All the Seers I could connect with were having the same experience.

As tomorrow became today and then yesterday the trend continued. A new element also crept in, I could not see very far into the future. Decades shrunk to years, years to months, months to weeks.

The final reading I did was on February 6th 2023. Jeanette Bellamy, 53, should she change her career. She favoured the crystal ball, it really doesn’t matter, but a choice makes the client happy. I try to suppress a start of shock, there are only two branches. There is a sixty / forty split, no, seventy / thirty, Eighty / Twenty. I run out of the room and turn on the television to the news channel, something must be happening. I can still see the futures, Ninety / Ten, Ninety-Five / Five.

BREAKING NEWS: The lasted climate change summit has ended with no agreement between the major polluting nations on how to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

One Hundred / Zero. Life will continue for some time, but there is now no different future. Just one, our end, all of us.